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It's not an easy task, these days, to buy all religous books & keep them in our home for guidance of our kids. If a student becomes engineer or doctor after reading their course books then why not he may become a good person after reading & understanding of religious books regardless of their backgroud. And seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every muslim, in the light of this "Hadis" of Rasool e Akram (PBUH), we found this opportunity to serve the right path.
By the grace of Allah, We have launched more than 500 Books in 2 DVD's as named Islamic Digital Library. It has been written on DVD's .. Not For Commercial Use.

Sabeel-e-Sakina (S.A) Team is thankful to all who helped us in this effort especially

We pray that Allah increase us in knowledge and may protect us from Shiytan. And help us in righteous deeds so that we may fight against shiytan's destructions & terrorism with the weapon of Knowledge.

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Sabeel-e-Sakina (S.A) Team

Last Update: 03 March 2010

Hazrat Shaher Banu (S.A) - Fitrat - Imamat Aur Malukiyat - Hamaray Aqaid Hamari Tareekh - Aqidat Ke Phool - Zarb e Haidery (A.S) - Mazhab-e-Ahlebait (A.S) - Masaib-ul-Shia - Vol 1 & 2 - Sawal Awam Ke Jawab Imam (A.S) Ke